03 okt 2019

Brooklyn Nets: 66-1

As they watched Jason Kidd bypass town for Milwaukee and Paul Pierce combine the upstart Washington Wizards the Brooklyn Nets lost figures this summer. Those losses will alter the makeup considerably, but not of Brooklyn for the worse. Kidd is replaced by lionel Hollins, and his seven seasons of head coaching experience must mesh nicely with the Nets’ veteran roster. At the exact same time, Beckley Mason, in a piece for ESPN.com, raised some intriguing questions regarding the reputation Hollins assembled together with the Memphis Grizzlies.
”Is what Tony Allen does something you can coach?” he asked. ”Is the way Marc Gasol moves 7’0″ and 260 lbs to stymie a point guard something anyone can learn?”
We’re going to find out.
We discover whether Pierce’s production can be replicated by newcomer import Bojan Bogdanovic . And we find out if Mason Plumlee’s time with Team USA at the FIBA Basketball World Cup will lead to some sophomore campaign Brook Lopez must overcome another setback with his surgically repaired foot, and Kevin Garnett has to prove he’s got enough juice left to contribute more than a handful of minutes per game. However, with Deron Williams in the backcourt and Jarrett Jack and Joe Johnson substituting Shaun Livingston off the bench, Brooklyn remains a savvy squad using a fair amount of ability –even if most of it’s nearing its expiry date.
The playoffs are a realistic goal for the Nets, and a seed is not out of the question, if the 30-year-old Williams can stay healthy along with Lopez.

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