21 Dec 2019

Paul Merson Says: No chance Liverpool go through the Premier League season unbeaten

Paul Merson states Liverpool have no possibility of moving through the Premier League season despite their outstanding start to the season – and also ponders whether or not Mauricio Pochettino has obtained Tottenham as far as he can…
Liverpool will not go unbeaten, not a chance. What Arsenal did all those years ago, thats some going. What Liverpool do, winning these matches on the trot is absurd.
They were not good the other day. They seemed even though Liverpool did not deserve to lose, when Leicester got to 1-1. They had been the better team, but they kept on going and you have to get some breaks every now and again.
Recall the penalty and no-one will return on October 5, but that spot-kick couldve been a gigantic objective.
Everybody forgets about what happens in November and October, If you win league titles. Everybody thinks about what occurred in April or May, however, the punishment can be enormous in the circumstance of the title race.
Liverpool are just one win away from equalling the all-time record. As they bid to Manchester Citys 2017 record theyve got Manchester United at Old Trafford and Tottenham at Anfield at the two matches.
Once the fixtures came out these were their hardest two games. Now, they are their two matches that are easiest on paper. However, Manchester United is known by you. They can not be bad again and this will be their cup, can they?
United will surely be under pressure but so will Liverpool. Whenever youre up at the top you should make certain to keep up on winning.
At the beginning of the season you believing a stage at United is a result that is good and are probably considering this match. You dont know how bad United are likely to be and youve got a small plan in regards to what points you expect to get, over the way. Liverpool are ahead. Theyve got points in which they likely thought they were not going to receive them so a draw would be okay for Liverpool in this match.
If Jurgen Klopps side took four points I think Manchester City would be in major trouble.
What Liverpool are doing today, it is more than striking. They have easily rested on their laurels as Champions League champions. They was only pipped at the place, but another team proceeded to win 14 games although they did absolutely nothing wrong in the league.
They did not, although they could have easily felt sorry for them. They have come back and been outstanding.
Theres a gulf in class within this league and once in a blue skies underside will conquer very best, but to do what theyve done, week in, week out and winning soccer matches is incredible.
They arent currently drawing on football games. Theyre winning each week and it is not like theyre currently utilizing 30-odd players. Theyve got points at the bank now, although I think when Sadio Mane Mohamed Salah or Virgil van Dijk got hurt they could struggle.
I have mentioned before that this side is not getting beat by every side in the bottom half and Manchester City have now been beaten by 2 teams at the lowest half . Theyve got the things and may manage a slip here or there. Manchester City could beat against Liverpool and it would not really make a difference. Its all in their hands today.
Theres still a very long way to go though.
You got to have a bad day at work and it all may unravel. I did it was hammering by the match on Saturday and Liverpool. They were so comfortable and have been the better team, but when it goes to 1-1 the left breaks down and also when there is a better pass Leicester get in and could lead 2-1. Its a game that is different .
We are taking a look at a different weekend and I really dont think the pressure would have been around Manchester City as much as it was. Their match then becomes somewhat different also.
There are 30 games to go. Its still a long way to select Liverpool and it requires a few decisions here or there to alter everything. There are 90 points available and there is still a great deal of things to play for.
HoweverI say its all the time, you may be the best director in the world but if you have not got the players it doesnt make any difference. Pep Guardiola, who is currently playing with with Fernandinho in hasnt obtained the players.
Fernandinho will get found out. When a country is owned by them, for them to not go and buy somebody is a complete joke. They should have three or four players in each position.
I dont need to say it is Liverpools name because theres quite a way to go to throw away. No-one has won the team in eight football games, but its going to be difficult for anybody to catch them if they keep on doing what they are currently doing.
The players needed the title , snatched from them. Afterwards Man City won 14 football games, it had been removed from them and Vincent Kompany stuck one in the top corner. Liverpool understand things can occur. This Manchester City team can get on a roll and reel away 10 over the trot so theres a longlong way to go.
It is stressing times for Tottenham.
Since when they lost 7-2, I did see an awful lot wrong with that I was for the other day. I thought because that game could have gone either way, they have a lot of criticism for no reason.
Spurs had opportunities in the first half and they couldve been three or four up in half-time. In the game they were at 4-2, however a five minutes really cost them. Because I thought it wasnt too bad as everybody made out I supported them.
But what was an absolute joke. It was a joke that is stressing.
In football terms, to get thrown and ignored off by Brighton was a tragedy. As it receives on the football field, it had been as worrying.
People said to me after the Bayern match that Pochettino looked somewhat calm. Since he watched the match, he was composed and it wasnt as awful as what it seemed. Just take the last few minutes away and it is 4-2. Youd sit back and consider that the great game it was that it couldve gone either way. But the match against Brighton was a joke.
They ought to be extremely embarrassed. I think the last time Brighton scored three goals in a match I was at college!
Its worrying times for Pochettino.
As a manager you get to particular stages in your profession and you may just take a team as far as you can take them. You can not take them any further. Im not sure whats happening in Tottenham.
There are styles of losing football games which was not a fantastic method to shed. Id sitting on Sunday afternoon thinking, When I was the boss,Can these players ? . You seem another day when they moved to Swansea.
They broke a gut and got a consequence, although they were bottom of the league and could not win a match for toffee. I consider this and I believe that these players are using the manager. They arent mugging off that manager and will run through a brick wall for him.
But when I consider that Tottenham team getting brushed aside, and I mean brushed apart, by Brighton, youd need to ask questions.
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